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"Wyman funeral home was amazing in the hardest task I’ve ever had to do….plan my fathers funeral. Daniel went above and beyond and I am so appreciative to him and everyone else at Wyman for making this the planning a little easier when my mind was not in its right place. I HIGHLY recommend Wyman funeral home!!!"


"Very professional and caring. They take the time to ensure my needs were met. Made my process simpler n easier. With everything else going on I did not have to worry about the burial process. Kept me informed on status. Everything want as planned. Can't say enough, thank you all."


"Wyman C & B's outstanding service and affordable pricing helped lessen the stress of my father's passing. Knowing all is in good hands, I was able to concentrate more on emotionally helping family members through these sad times. A++"


"My siblings and I were treated with great kindness and respect as we chose a beautiful urn for our mother. Our funeral director walked us through everything very professionally and we appreciated her very much."


"They were all very compassionate, caring, took care of my needs in regards to my husband and his final wishes. Referral from the hospice was a winner."


"Wyman Funeral Home made the process easy with professionalism and compassion during such a difficult time. Much appreciated for all their help."


"They were a pleasure to be around in an emotional time. Very professional, yet very caring and attentive to your needs. They take care of your loved ones and try to make you feel as comfortable as possible in a very difficult time. They even checked up on me a week after I picked up my husband's ashes, to see if I needed anything. Thank you Wyman Cremation and Burial!"


"My husband died in hospice 3 weeks ago. Wymans was recommended by hospice and was so pleased. They are the most caring people I have ever met. They took care of alot so I didn't have to. They offer different options but never once did they push anything. It's been 3 weeks and they text you to see if I needed anything. The staff is awesome. I highly recommend Wymans cremation to everyone."


"They help me get my twin sister Judith Case home in PA from AZ with ease. Filled out some papers and gave them the payment over the phone. With in a few days they contacted me to let me know she was her way home to me. They also got a hold of me to make sure myself and my family where doing ok during this unexpected passing of twin. They answered all my questions right away and someone was always available. Thank you Wyman"


"So grateful to this company. They guided us through the entire process and even took care of things I didn't consider when setting everything up. Even when you've gone through a long period of sickness and you're prepared for the inevitable it's still a shock when it finally happens. I wasn't completely there mentally to even consider having flowers at the viewing and they staged it for us without even putting that concern on us. Just a small thing they did of many things that made me feel like I had chosen the right place to handle our needs. I can't recommend them enough. Thank you all for everything you did to make this easier on us during this crazy time."